Nutrient-dense snack for fighters

Pre or Post workout energy snack

Low-carb snack alternative to protein bars & shakes in three delicous flavours

$1 from each sale will go to a local charity

Hand-made alternative to protein bars

candice-mitchell-01A Fight Bite energy ball is a nutrient-dense snack. There are three delicious flavours to choose from: granola, peanut-coconut and berry-coconut. While other brands are high in sugar and carbohydrates, each Fight Bite energy ball contains high fat, low sugar, low in carbohydrates and no added sodium giving you that extra boost!

Each Fight Bite energy ball is specially hand-made to ensure its perfection.  With its high fat content, Fight Bites are a great alternative to protein bars & shakes to help give the energy you need. Fight Bites can be taken pre or post workout. Fight Bites are a perfect snack because they are compact, effective and delicious!





“The perfect pre/post workout snack! My only problem is that that taste too good! Yumeeee!”
Stephan Boyd – former Pro Boxer and currently Boxing Coach

“Fight Bites are great for those times when I’m so busy training people that I forget to eat. They are tasty, kill my hunger and easy to keep in my bag for when I need them.”
Carlos Varella Jr. – Boxing Coach

“I love Fight Bites! They are the perfect healthy snack. I appreciate the fact that I can pronounce every ingredient. I know I am eating something completely natural.”
Josh Raskin – boxer

“I have been taking Fight Bites as a pre-workout for the last 3 months and I swear by them! There are tons of energy boosting products on the market and although they may do the job, Fight Bites not only offers the boost I need for my intense workouts, they also taste absolutely delicious! It’s the perfect energy snack conveniently packaged in two bites!”
Sharifa Jordan — marathon runner and boxer